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About Us

About Us

We at Ghost Staking are a team of Central London Quantitative Analysts who provide market insight and commentary in addition to managing a CSPR validator production node. If you current own CSPR tokens and wish to delegate them to us, you can enjoy passive, self compounding rewards of up to 20% APR, (please check our ‘node monitor’ for the latest network apy here)

Why Choose Us?

  • Our fee is GUARANTEED to NEVER EVER rise above the current rate which is 3%. Why is this important?
    • Well, if you are a long term Hodler like us and believe in fundamentals over short term gains, you can safely stake your precious coins without having to check the node’s commission rate every few months as it will be the same tomorrow, next week, next year and also in 10 years time. This means we shall always be paying you 97% of the rewards earned by the node using your coins.
  • We run a FULLY DEDICATED BARE METAL SERVER: why is this important?
    • There is no risk to any cloud service provider
    • Fully dedicated means we have sole use of the machine, therefore there is no risk of any other processes causing spikes to memory or CPU (unlike a shared VPS)
  • We ONLY RUN THE SINGLE CSPR PRODUCTION NODE on our server: why is this important?
    • Unlike many other validators, we do not run any other PoS network node on the box, nor do not run a CSPR testnet node on the box. The reason for this is that there are inherent risks of overloading the server when many nodes are running as any single node could cause a spike in CPU or memory.

Please get in touch or hit the Stake Now button to be directed to the cspr.live delegation site. Please read through the ‘How To Stake‘ section of our site, and if you still require any assistance with setting up your Casper Signer wallet or have any general questions, please let us know.

In addition, feel free to browse through our collection of high quality, exclusive Cryptocurrency market commentary!

Why Stake?

Staking is crucial part part of “Proof-Of-Stake” (POS) blockchains like CSPR.

With a proof of stake blockchain, validators (like us at Ghost Staking), validate transactions on the network based upon the amount of tokens delegated to our node – and get rewarded for this work. This very different to a “Proof-Of-Work” blockchain which requires a lot of computational power by miners to solve complex problems to validate transactions. The advantages of a POS is that it doesn’t actively encourage large mining pools like in POW which is what miners trend to in order to ensue the work they have completed is rewarded. (As in POW due to the hashrate, two miners could effectively be working on the same transaction for one piece of work to be disregarded (orphaned) – this is not great for efficiency, scalability and speed…also more importantly not great for the planet due to the high energy use). Also POS ensures that no one validator can grow large enough to act maliciously on the network, as this is penalised.

What Are the Risks?

  • When Staking CSPR, the ownership of the coins will always reside with you. The validator has no access to your coins and you are simply using our server as a gateway to the network. You can therefore rest assured that the coins can only be accessed using the security key which is kept safely in your possession.
  • Some PoS networks impose a fine (slashing) for any malicious behaviour from the node. However the CSPR network has chosen to NOT FINE any delegators, therefore your coin principal balance is 100% safe. You can read more on this in our AMA with the CasperLaps CTO here.
  • The only risk you are exposed to is the loss of interest for the node being inactive. However as you would have read from the seconds above, we have gone to great lengths and expense to ensure that there is little to no risk of the server being inactive.